Cognitive Reasonance

Cognitive Reasonance

So what time does the party start again? Are you sure we’re not late yet? Okay, we’ve got time. I can still dress down a little bit. I want to be comfortable. Approaching the gate I could see them excited for their performance. Each group has its own theme costume; specially-made for the show, actually. Impressive. I wonder how long they’ve prepared for this.

Ahhh, eat before the actual program starts! It makes sense. Participants don’t want to perform hungry. You don’t want to be so full either that you may throw up in the middle of the piece. Shall I tell them that? But I’m not the artistic director here. I’m just going to be a spectator this time. Gone are the days when I had to deal with dress rehearsals and the whole shebang of performing arts. Done with that for sure. I’m here to enjoy!

Meanwhile at the table: So, there’s carbs, proteins, fats. Basic macro. Alright. Is it cheat day today? Well, it could be cheat day today. I see mixed vegetables, though. I’m gonna shovel some on me plate, just to compensate. But the succulent desserts are tempting. You know what, I’ve paid my dues this week with my nutrients and minerals. I can compromise today… or can I? Well, whatever; I’m indulging today.

After scooping what’s available, look at this mound of edibles! My plate looks as though it was a miniature landfill, a pile of biodegradables waiting to be recycled into something useful. They’re going to be mechanically masticated first. Then, they’re gonna be chemically treated with some gastric juices before getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Hey, wait. Aren’t I supposed to enjoy the meal by not overthinking it? Let’s dig in, then.

Munching the heap of proteins, carbs, and fats, caloric dense indeed, feels fun at first, until the cognitive dissonance kicks in. It’s that feeling of internal conflict. You know you’re not supposed to do something, but you are doing it anyway. Conversely, it could be that you’re supposed to do something but you are not doing it. You don’t feel congruent from within. There’s no spontaneity. There’s friction.

I can just compensate later by running? Yes, that’s a good idea. But if I break a sweat that late, I may not be able to sleep early. I’ve got to wake up early. Well, we’re here already, so let’s just enjoy the moment and play it by ear later at home.

At home, the sugar crash was so bad that I just have to hit the sack; eyes were heavy. I still stretched, though.

The next day, I still woke up at 4am for my morning rituals.



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