Crypto Occurrency

Repetition is the mother of education as the saying goes. This means that the more a concept is repeated, the more it is indelibly etched in your mind. No matter how difficult a subject matter may seem to a beginner, she will eventually wrap her head around the topic sooner or later. Each person has different pacing in learning. You cannot compare one individual’s performance with that of another.

It’s like bushwhacking the jungle and carving a path off the trail. At first, it entails vigorous exertion. You unsheathe your machete and start whacking the thick bushes in front of you. Sometimes you get pricked by some thorny weed. At times you have to pull some of the vines that gets in the way. This could be a painstaking process. Eventually, though, after the sweat, blood, tears, and sometimes saliva, you found the hidden fountain of youth.

When learning a new subject that you may think to be a difficult one to study, you may employ different mental tricks to assist your mind in understanding it. This may remind us of our time back in high school when we had to study our least favorite subject for an upcoming exam. You may have to memorize certain dates and names of places and persons if that is on history. You may come up with mnemonics for you to easily enumerate them easily.

If it’s mathematics, memorizing equations, decimal points, and the multiplication table may have made you numb, speaking about NUMBers, right? The point is that sometimes we have to force ourselves to learn to survive. Think about filing your taxes. You certainly do not want to be paying a penalty for some error by the revenue service of your country.

In the real life, in the university of life, there are things we just have to learn so as to avoid inconvenience. In the case of online banking, for example, one has to learn how to do banking online so as to avoid physical contact. This is especially true with those who are high risk individuals who are susceptible to infection.

However, there seems to be no other topic as hot these days as cryptocurrency. As blockchain is becoming more popular, people hear more about it often, its occurrence. Thus this article is entitled: Crypto Occurrency. The rate of occurrence of this concept is becoming harder to ignore. This was accelerated when Elon Musk, a public figure, tweeted about Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency.

The general public may not fully understand yet the full benefit of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and it’s application in the business and in the real world, time will come when people would be able to identify the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and NFTs, smart contracts and DeFi.

For now, this understanding may be in the minds of the specialists and technical people. But as the occurrence of this concept increases, it’s only a matter of time when even kids and senior citizens alike would be able to do transaction with each other on the blockchain network. This is one of the visions of Nick Szabo, the one who conceptualize Bitcoin. Nick designed Bit Gold, the precursor to Bitcoin.

He envisioned that a there will come a time when a grandmother in India will be able to send directly a crypto coin to a teenager in someone’s basement in Indiana. The full application of blockchain will have a network effect so vast that the masses won’t be able to imagine life without their crypto wallet.

In the meantime, though, unless someone is a geek, an average Joe may not even understand what a Bitcoin is essentially. Their misconceptions about the topic also should be taken into consideration. For instance, since there are many scammers out there in the crypto space, countless individuals fell into the trap of investing in these scams and lost their savings.

I know a family acquaintance who went from full time government employee to retiring early to pursue her business on top of a crypto scam. That scam turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. My mother, in turn, put Bitcoin in a bad light. I cannot blame them. If their experience with Bitcoin was an unpleasant one, they may associate the whole thing with scammers. It’s like being traumatized during your first romantic encounter. After your first break up, you may think that all potential lovers are selfish egoistic narcissists.

These kinds of misconceptions should be addressed. Afterall if people still associate blockchian with scams, all of us will be indirectly affected. The more people get themselves onboard, the more of us benefit from the network effect. Thus, I hope that as the crypto occurrence increases, people would understand it accurately.

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