nature vs NEARture

NEAR Protocol is pretty NEARturing (nurturing) when it comes to developing whether a community or an individual. Let me give you an analogy. It’s like migrating to another country. That country has a program for integrating prospective citizens into the culture. You may call it the immigration department or immigration office.

The immigration office may conduct seminars and programs to orient the new citizen on what it takes to be a citizen of that country. The immigrant may be oriented of the history of the country, the government structure, economic system, welfare system, traffic laws, even the language itself. Then when the person has a measure of knowledge of what living in that country looks or feels like, he can little-by-little integrate into dwelling in the country.

What comes to mind when it comes to this program is that of Canada. I have family members in British Columbia, Vancouver to be exact. And what I only hear are praises and appreciation by my aunts, cousins, and relatives about Canada’s friendly integration. This is not to advertise Canada, by the way. It just so happen that it’s my reference point when it comes to this matter.

Anyways, it has a good program for new citizens to get adjusted to the new environment. My experience with NEAR Protocol is nothing short of amazement. Perhaps this is so, because NEAR Protocol is the first layer1 network that I have encountered. Therefore, I don’t have any other frame of reference to compare it with. But I believe that being NEARtured by NEAR is such a reassuring journey for me.

It seems that I have immigrated into a new planet, with everything almost foreign to me. No pun intended. You don’t get alienated in planet NEAR. There was a pun intended there. Everyone is welcoming. Is it just because it resembles the open-source culture? It could be. But the overall experience is nothing short of encouraging.

It’s like you are having a tour on the planet, with guides showing you what the positive possibilities are for me to express myself as authentically as possible. You see, we still bring with us our old selves, our old personalities. You can call it your nature. Then with this nature and nurture notion, you can merge the two and come up with a beautiful and artistic value that the citizens of the ecosystem can benefit from.

For instance, in our real world example of an immigrant, if the new citizen was a refugee, he can definitely be of value to other citizens. Even if that new citizen had had some traumatic experience, he can still utilize the experience and help others. He can become a psychologist. Then he can develop a treatment protocol based on his unique experience. It reminds me of Gabor Mate, the Hungarian-born Jew who became a Canadian citizen and became a psychologist. Now he helps tons of people with trauma. He himself went through the horrors of the second world war.

Again, I am not promoting Canada. It’s just that there are so many Canadian figures that I admire. Malcom Gladwell, Jordan Peterson, Drake? So much for the Canadian folks. Now with the NEARturing Protocol, Shreyas even mentioned to me that since I have experience as a real estate professional, perhaps I can bring something of value with me into the blockchain universe.

All of us has his or her own unique nature. Coupled with NEAR’s Nearture, we can all bring with us our past values and visions and deploy them on the ecosystem to make planet NEAR a more habitable zone, as it were. We are like exploring Mars itself, pitching tents and building colonies to pave the way for future generations of intelligent beings like us to inhabit and interact with one another.

Remember the time historically when the brave Europeans ventured into the unknown world of the Americas? Certainly many of them came from different walks of life, having different skill sets and expertise. Then they created a new society that is so promising. They got tired of the old world in Europe.

If you are thinking immigrating into the blockchain world, pretty much like discovering a new island to inhabit, please follow us on NEAR Protocol Philippines. More and more Filipinos are finding their places in this NEARturing ecosystem. They express themselves creatively. Recently we have started a community of musicians.

Who knows what comes next, right? Just stay with us and we make sure that your immigration experience will be as smooth as possible. It won’t be flawless, but it will be reassuring for sure.

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